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LUNA Online: How to Construct/Item compounding

Posted on: August 18, 2009

What is constructing/Item compounding?

Constructing is a way of creating something, like you can use raw materials and make a higher quality material and you can even make equipment.

EG: 10 ruby gem pieces can become 1 Ruby gem.
EG: 1 Ruby gem can become 1 high grade Ruby gem.


You can get patterns from monster or you can make them by using some materials. (higher rank materials higher level equipment or weapons you can make)
metal and ores -> heavy armour
All kinds of leather -> light armour
Fabric and cloth -> robes
The bad thing about making items yourself is that it gives RANDOM bonus attributes so they might end up bad and might end up amazing.

They start dropping quite early on. So its worth trying them out in order to be more used to crafting before you need to make your wings. Many say you don’t really need to start crafting until your 50+ however.

Where is the construct Window?
Press S, then go to the middle tab at the top (actions) and select select [~Construct] in the second row to the very left. Its in the same window as the skill for fishing or picking something up. You can do this any place, even when out of the town.

How to construct?

First open up the construct window and then select the item you want to construct. Select the item you wish to construct(hold your mouse over it to find out what it is), on the window above you can see what items are needed to make the selected item. If you have all just click CONSTRUCT and it will be done.

Can I use everything I find for constructing?
If you want to check whetever or not you can construct the item hold your mouse above the item and a window will pop up. Read the last white lines of the window and you’ll find out.

What do I need for Return scrolls.
For return scrolls, you would have to collect the ‘spirit of the earth’ items. Drop those into the construct window, and then you will be given the recipes needed for return scrolls.

Crafters Corner
There is also a Crafters Corner forum on the Luna forums thats very useful.

Construct/Destruct – Guide


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