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Free Realms: Aug 14th update

Posted on: August 17, 2009

There has been a good lot of comments on the forums about problems since the Aug 14th update.

Some of those were fixed on the update on the 16th. However the most complaints are over some intended changes.

The speedy shoes that can be found from the postman collection has been nerfed. People are quiet sad to see this one go. It was considered very useful. Its been mentioned that it might have been considered too good over the pet happiness bonus. However its still a sad change for many and was a hard earned item.

The Free Agents program has started however its only for new accounts. Its also been said its those whoses accounts say they are teenagers.

Not a lot of point to this unless you can use Target vouchers anyway. I’m not sure if they should have let teens (14-18) earn rewards by promoting the game to their friends. It might be a bit dodgy, but then again if adults where promoting it, it might also be odd. Teachers and Coachs getting all their pupils to sign up.

The filteration system has gotten a bit worst. Letters in the middle of words are being bleeped. Its a bit weird.

Bruce is gone from Snowhill. I hear rumours he is still in Wugachug however.

It also seems that the pet treasure chest spawn points has been moved not removed.


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