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Ether Saga: Making fogs

Posted on: August 17, 2009

Where do I find Raw Jade of Fog?
Raw Jade of Fog drops from Jaqisac Arson and Sting Squad.

What are jades used for?
You can use them to embed into your gear. When you chose a jade, (raw>crude>fair>refined) and decide to embed it in your gear, you can only put in other jades of the same type, (Fog, wind, cloud, earth, water, rain)and the same level, (raw, crude, fair, refined) in.

What jade improves what stat?
Air – Mana.
Rain – Strength
Fog – Int
Earth – Defence
Water – Resistance
Improving Equipment Jade List.

Refined jade of fog fragment?
Refined jade of fog fragment are bound. They can be found by some quests and events, you can turn them into a refined jade of fog which sells for around 400g and is not bound.

Fogs in order of price
raw < crude < fair < refined.


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