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LUNA Online: Guild Guide

Posted on: August 14, 2009

How do Guild Points increase?

You gain points by having members online and having them kill things of the same level as them or higher (up to 5 levels higher). I also hear that if you have more than one guildy in the same map and channel as you, you dont get kill points.

How do you use Guild Storage?

After the guild increases to level 3, you can use guild storage. The GM can set what level of members can access.
FnC -> Storage -> little window pops up and you can select the minimum rank needed to access the storage

Guild Buff?

This can be leveled up once you reach Guild level 5. You can check the Guild Buff for more information.

Guild Wars

You can start a guild war between two guilds. The guild loses 4 GP when someone dies, and they gain 2 GP when they kill someone. If they run out of guild points they lose. Once the war is declared the members can PK each other when they meet.

Guild Logo
There is a Guild Logo guide on the forum here. You can register your guild logo after your guild reaches level 1. When your guild meets the requirements you can “Register Guild Mark” by talking with NPC Ellenshar in Alker Harbor.

Guild Transfer
There is a button under the Guild Function. that allows the leader to transfer authority. You will need to leave an alliance before doing this.

Guild Nickname/title.
A nickname or title can be granted to you by your guild by the nickname menu.

Press ‘G’ to open guild window -> go to “Guild Fnc” -> Click on your or someone’s name -> Press the “Nicks” button -> Enter guild nicknames (max 16 characters)

Newcomer and Apprentice can’t change their nicknames. Regular members and above can.


3 Responses to "LUNA Online: Guild Guide"

where to get buffs that help u when u forge stuff?

nice, info…how can i make 2 guild logos?

You CAN gain guild points with only one person. (verified because I started my own guild, and I’m the only member so far. [need friends, lol)
Also, the only way to have 2 pics by guild name is to have a guild logo and a union logo.

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