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Appearence slots

Posted on: August 12, 2009

I have appearence slots in Lord of the Rings now since my minstrel dinged 20 over the weekend. Cosmetic outfits and the two appearence slots are fantastic. I can have nice gear for combat and make it look like what I want. As I level I will get a great choice of outfit and have some fun playing with that.

I agree that it would be great if they get added to Wizard 101. I’d actually also like to see them in Free Realms and D.O.M.O. I think it really suits a social, casual type of game.

In wizard 101 they already have dyes and a great variety of cool clothes, but its not possible to fight well without the right gear. So its only so far you can ignore stats to wear something cool. Appearance slots would solve that nicely.

Free Realms has unlimited inventory, however while stat’s dont do a huge amount, they help in the game. So Its not a great idea for example as a level 20 combat class to wear a level 5 or level 9 outfit. It would be cool to have the choice of what to wear. A fusing system like Runes Of Magic might also be a good idea, combine the stat’s of one with the appearance of another.

However housing will come along in Free Realms well before they look at anything like this. There are already some shop fronts and vendors waiting for housing that can be seen in the game. One is a pun of IKEA in the main city.

In DOMO it would be nice to have appearance slots so I could wear my fancy paper outfit into battle. DOMO is not updated as often as any of the other games mentioned, so I can’t see this happening.


2 Responses to "Appearence slots"

DOMO kinda has appearance slots, but you can only put appearance items in it — and you usually have to pay for those.

I agree, you should be able to put the paper armor there. I don’t know why they don’t allow that.

I have not bought any cash shop outfits in domo yet. I just bought the pet so I did not know that. Thank you.

I would have thought that a cosmetic item slot for all items could be used to drive more traffic to the cash shop. For example since I do not know that appearance slots are there for cash shop items, I would have thought that id lose my combat bonuses by wearing them. If appearance slots are already in the game I know thats not the case.

But now that I think about it Ether saga has appearance slots for cash shop items and so does luna online. So maybe I should have twigged.

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