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Free Realms: Community events

Posted on: August 11, 2009

There was two community events in Free Realms recently.

Wildwood Demolition Day.
Day of the Duel

I have been watching some of the videos and hearing some stories about the events. I like these sort of things even when I don’t log in the day they are on.

I was playing yesterday and lots of folks where still dueling. Mostly shouting and advertising on the channels for more people to duel. So many people have ninja maxed out and lovely full ninja sets. There was a lot of people in santuary too, some ninjas standing around in some very nice level 20 sets. Those sets take some time to collect from doing the level 3 fights, so their hard work is impressive.

My own little ninja in her purple set is still level 9.  I havent even tried to get my level 20 postmaster her running shoes or finished going from 19-20 on cook yet.

Actually there was a lot of people in seaside yesterday. It seemed like a beach party with everyone enjoying the summer. Sparklers and beachwear and little pets.  I got invited to two guilds (I’m guildless) while dancing along with everyone.

Once persons dog was running up and down the beach. Very cute. My own cat gets mostly carried everywhere. I only sometimes put her down to play and get into trouble.

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