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Wizard 101: Bosses and new places

Posted on: July 23, 2009

I played a good bit of wizard 101 yesterday. I did the intro to Grizzleheim quest where you set the bear up with traders and get to go visit Grizzleheim. I also bought while I was there the low level Grizzleheim outfit (with a furry cloak) and the boots.

I also killed the pumpkin bosses with another player and the skeleton boss (both are I think in titan avenue?) and since I bought coins recently I bought two new areas in wizard city.

I also did some quests for the headmaster and found out more about malistairs past, uncluding about his twin and his dead wife. Such a sad story 😦

It was a lot of fun. The two players I grouped with where really good. One knew all about shields and I spent a lot of time healing him (I still dont really get shields). My little life wizard is still level 9 but 10 is not far away.


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