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Aion impressions

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Since apparently the Aion NDA is down and I have one of each race to the ascension in the beta now I thought I’d mention some impressions.

I’ll mention first what I was disapointed about, as we have been talking about it a good bit in this house and I know it will be a deal breaker for some players.

Asmodians female armour. Yah its actually that bad. The first cut scene with my little mage had her in underwear and mostly open top.

Its unlikely to be fixed and there has been some commentry on the beta forums about the bra sizes too. Its pretty much impossibly not to have an unlikely large chest. Apparently we are unlikely to get this change as you might dare to make a small character with a small chest and it would look like a child. I’m not 100% sure on why that would be a problem with games like warcraft having gnomes but its been said.

Elyos so far has it better, however I was playing a warrior which really really should not have this issue. The Asmodian warrior low level outfit outfit has the toon in a mini skirt. So my confidence on that point is waning.

Its the Runes of Magic issue all over again. In both games you can change the look of armour, why dont they let people change their outfit to these stupid outfits rather than give everyone them and be annoying.

Anyway its bad news on this game too.  Its ignoreable, but will turn up from time to time like a bad smell. Each class seems to have an outfit style, so when you put on clothes it turns to look like that. There are some costumes I found that can be used to blend with armour to give them another look but I am unsure if that will suit everyone.

Anyway beyond that the game is good, it reminds me of Perfect World mixed with Wow or Rom.

Its not terribly replayable with one area each for each race and at times is a bit of a grind. However worth a look and a month or two play. I don’t think I’ll mind having bought the game, I am not sure why I’d pay for it yet over lotro or everquest 2, but its not bad.

Unless the next beta brings out something amazing, I don’t see it being a wow breaker.

Update:  Commentry on the Asmodian females feet.


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