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Free Realms: Must do quests

Posted on: July 15, 2009

With work and fishing in lord of the rings online (I love fishing) I have not been playing much free realms lately.

I really want to however so I am going to try to make time this week. There have been some new quests added to the game in the last while that I really want to try, but for one reason or another have not sat down and found.

There are some special summer quests put into the game. Also I really want to do the quest where you meet the queen.

If I get chance tonight I am going to locate them all and finish them.

Update: I found the visit the queen quest. Someone told me to finish the line I would need a level 15 combat job. So I may need to level my ninja some more to finish it.

I got the first quest done for the royal courier and I rescued Robin for Bruce. I also beat up some white clan ninjas and rescued people for the ninja quest line.

I did not go looking for the summer quests so I might do those this week. I did wander around sanctuary for a bit. It was gm-less this time. The last two times a gm was there


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