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Ether Saga: Quests and PK

Posted on: July 8, 2009

pokari_engineerOriginally uploaded by warhammermer

Always do the yellow quests if you can from the begining. Instance quests can be skipped or completed when you have out leveled the dungeons.

Yellow quests include the main plotline and the quests that give you items and gear (including the cloud). The cloud comes from the take to the skys chain.

To find out where to start training quests, press Q -> Available quests, then open the Training quests tab.

The leveling curve has been speeded up to level 45 since the last patch.

You get spirit by killing enemies which are White or harder (Red). Easier monsters that are Green give very little spirit and Dark Green give none. So you want quests that involve killing white monsters preferably.

You can also get spirit by doing Gau’s quest. You get sent to him via a quest since the last patch. Its recommended that you also run dungeons for spirit as you will level so fast.

You can carry 5 bulletin board quests. You can carry 4 wanted quests. These often give reputation. Some of them also have very nice little storys so I always found them fun.

If you have not already read the pk guide on the forums do so. After level 45 pvp is always possible and items drop so be aware of this. If you are white named you should not drop items. If you are red named you are very likely to drop items. You become red named by player killing in the last hour.


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