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Ether Saga: Live and after the update

Posted on: July 7, 2009


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Ether saga is live since the first of July. Its been in open beta for a while and did not do a wipe so most people have not noticed. There has been too much discussion about the patch.

I have been running alts through the main questline since the update. Its a very noticeable change in leveling speed. I agree that begining characters are leveling too fast to get spirit to level up skills.

The speed of leveling is slightly different between the races, humans level a little slower and have one kill quest early on so they end up at level 10 with one skill upgraded and with a second kill quest.
The others reach level 11 before they get a kill quest, so have no skills at all bought.

The class representatives have already heard about this so expect some feedback going to Perfect World Entertainment about this.

I also am thinking about when will I buy something to reset my affinities points for my dragoon. I had not read any guide before I spent them so my build is no use. Since the dragoon class is already unpopular and considered flawed as a tank, I might hold off until the class gets some development love.


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