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Lord Of The Rings: Litha

Posted on: July 6, 2009

statueOriginally uploaded by warhammermer

Lotro really made me work hard to continue from the trial I enjoyed.

Over the weekend I got it working for the european version and succeeded in getting an account. It was very tough with a lot of problems along the way.

The whole impression led me to believe that mmorg companys that sell out the european rights to another company is probally making a mistake and losing customers. From GOA (warhammer europe) and Codemasters (lotro europe) its pretty clear.

I would heavily advise that if you want to try Lotro europe to buy a box in your local shop or online. Play.com apparently has a good deal for lotro from time to time. I just bought mine in my local Game store.

Do not try to download the trial. Its not worth the effort. It takes too long (8 hours +) and will just error out. Do get a trial key, you can use the box to install the game, then enter the trial key and you will get the extra days.

Be warned however on the trial you can not get mail. So any quests that are mailed to you will have to wait until you install the box key for the 30 days.

Codemasters support is pretty terrible. However if your tech minded you can resolve most things yourself. Lotro does work with vista 64 however you might need to set the settings on the launcher to default and make your own shortcut to the desktop.

Currently in game there is a summer festival on, with all the problem of upgrading to the full version and moving to europe I have missed a good few days. I might get to see some of it but I have missed the 1st July travel token that was given out.


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