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Ether Saga: Loskit and lgbt

Posted on: July 6, 2009

loskit_scholar_walkingOriginally uploaded by warhammermer

Cuppytalk is going to start talking more about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender issues on her blog. It got me thinking about another article I read somewhere on lgbt issues in games and why games do not allow different body shapes and characters being able to wear the opposite genders clothes.

Wow does allow a male character to wear a dress and a female character to wear a tux, however the body types are very fixed. Other games where the body type is changeable does not have the same flexibility with clothes.

In ether saga, Loskit the scholar is not what one would call the most manly of men, in fact walking around the city from behind he could easily be a girl.

Its sad but true, that in most games, a player can not design a character to play like him. Its very hard to make a girl that looks like a guy or vice versa. Often even a character that dresses like the other gender is difficult.

Its a pity, since it makes the game works less interesting. The idea that one should be able to make out at a glance if a character is male or female seems a bit daft and dull.

The lack of body type options that males can relate to, is also one of the reasons given by males playing female characters. The muscle bound hulk being considered too foreign for some players who are short or skinny or both.

Perhaps something we will see in the future is games that have more varience in allowing players to make themselves in games, even if its not considered “standard”.


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