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Free Realms hits 4 million players

Posted on: July 2, 2009


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Free Realms hits 4 million

To celebrate the 4 million registered players in Free Realms, we’re hosting an in-game bonus reward event for all our players.
From July 2nd to July 8th 2009, receive double the Treasure Tickets! You can use these Treasure Tickets at the Royal Vault in Sanctuary to get cool rewards.
Don’t wait or you will miss the chance to experience this limited time event and don’t forget there are sweet Members Only rewards as well. Log in now to play!
See you in Sanctuary! You Rule!

A nice event however not as nice as the packs for the last few ones.


1 Response to "Free Realms hits 4 million players"

Here are a few new features that’ve been added to Free Realms for the summer… Enjoy ;)!

-Seaside Summer Splash with a treasure hunt that rewards players with Seaside Stickers that can be redeemed for fireworks and other prizes. Also, a TCG scenario that rewards card duelists with the exclusive Star Shot Candle item
-The Summer Sparkler Bundle is available now for Members only! Members must log in and claim this blue and green sparkler

Find out more about these cool features here: http://www.freerealms.com/article/detail.action?articleId=136

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