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Ether Saga: The Big Content Patch

Posted on: July 2, 2009


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Release notes can be seen here ESO Bulletin – 6/30/09.

• Level cap raised from 90 to 105. You can now get new quest content from Amaz and Dizzet in the Ziminian Domain.
• The Obscurity, a 6-24 person raid, is now open for adventurers.
• Many new level 84 elite monsters have been added to the gameworld
• New world boss: the White Dragon
• The main quest line from levels 1-45 has been streamlined.
• New quests have been added from the level 1-45 range.
• The first four dungeons have been tweaked to be easier. Players can enable a hard mode to revert to the original difficulty.

There has been a lot of discussion about the patch on the forums and in game. The level restrictions on the dungeons being removed I welcome. I don’t see the point of not letting high levels run through them for fun or with friends.

Especially with it being tough in the game to find groups (no looking for group channel or tool).


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