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Legends of Zork: First day

Posted on: June 5, 2009

Trying this game, so far its a bit of fun.

You only start with 30 actions points, so I took a look in and fought a few things and left. The script is amusing and the art is geeky.

I went from level 1 to level 3 with my first look in. There is a tutorial on the forums but I don’t think its needed really.

You can have spells or fight with melee I think. I seem to do both. There is also different fighting styles you can choose.

There is male and female toons available. Not a huge selection, but not too bad.

Your home base seems to be a place called the white house. I don’t know if its always that or if there is another base for high levels.

I like the idea of the game, a few minutes of fun every day, or some days as there is no penalty for walking away and coming back. It also doesnt matter if you need to leave the keyboard which is good for parents or busy people.

Take a look.


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If you like, join my LoZ clan, Nostalgia! You can search for us in the clans screen and request an invite, or tell me your character name and I can send you an invitation.

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