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The Dares Concert in Free Realms

Posted on: June 4, 2009

greenOriginally uploaded by warhammermer

I missed the first showing of the concert (the time was not good for europe) so imagine how happy I was when yesterday I was making my way to the blacksmith trainer in snowhill and the concert came on again.

You automatically start dancing which drew my attention to the stage and I got to see the whole song. 😀

A lot of people where around on Server one dancing along to the song (and one cat on the stage).

After the event I picked up a t-shirt (the green one) though I spent some time posing with unsuspecting people near the stone in snowhill in the different t-shirts. Note the unwary ninjas behind me in the screen. Free Realms insider says the shirts will only be around a week, so if you want one, buy it soon. They are only 100 of the game currency.

For those who wish to see what the first showing in EST was like, check out west karanas video. Here is another video of server 6 on Free Realms Insider.

Oh as a point of note, you can wear the shirts with the blacksmith outfit (at least when looking at it in the shop) but it clips horribly on the straps so I do not recommend it.


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