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Free Realms: Server Two Unoffical Roleplay Server

Posted on: June 4, 2009

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Server Two is going to be the unoffical roleplay server as decided by the roleplay community on the forums. If you are interested add your name to the thread.

It likely the roleplay will be light, as the game is not very lore heavy and has a youthful base. I like the idea and think it should be fun.

There will never be a Free Realms offical roleplay server according to Pex due to issues of maintaining the enviroment. They also want to discourage ERP as occurs in Goldshire and Silvermoon in WOW (which is good). There is mention of drama but I can see that happening anyway, clubs or no clubs, roleplay or no roleplay.

I think with the filters roleplay will be a bit hard. Especially with the current state where many normal words are also banned because they contain words that are rude in american-english (I also pity the non english speaking players). I would have liked to see dictionaries that parents could turn on with an editable swear word list that they can stop their child viewing.

The approval system for names however is great, it means pretty much all names are “in character” and appropiate. I have seen one with numbers at the end though, so maybe those are not so great?
I’ve also never seen gold sellers, which is also fantastic.

There is some talk in the thread of a home base for roleplayers, none was choosen yet but I can see it becoming a place in santuary as its such a meeting point already.

I’m looking forward to seeing drawings and rp backgrounds and rp stories being posted on the forums. They will be a lot of fun to read.


1 Response to "Free Realms: Server Two Unoffical Roleplay Server"

Hey i have been loonking for this, i rly enjoy RP and Free realms would be so much fun with it. please tell me something i would like to meet RPers 😀 thanks!

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