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Windmills in the fog

Posted on: June 2, 2009

windmills in the fog Originally uploaded by warhammermer

Luna Online has an Unofficial IRC Channel
See here for more details

Someone also provided this setup guide

Fast guide to those using Firefox!

Download this addon called ChatZilla
https://addons.mozilla.org/fi/firefox/d … latest.xpi

Use this link to get into chat

From what I understand IRC is a bit old fashioned, however its nice that there is this for the community.

Last night on Luna online however the gold seller spam was very very bad. I’d like to see more effort in removing the spammers in order to encourage more in game chat.

Apparently the guide used to have an option called Auto Note that could be used for banning spammers, however it could be used on afk or newbies so was turned off for the gpotato version.

I can see why it did not work out, but ugh the spam. I also hate that there is no option to turn off the stall bubbles, when an area is filled with stalls I would like an option to ignore them.

Money in the game is also the crazy inflation of most free to play games. There is posts on the forum saying 10,000,000 gold limit in the bank is wa to low and that most level 60s have at least 5 million. This is something I’m not a huge fan of. I’d rather the in game currency be worth a bit more.

All characters share the same storage space too which makes things harder on those who end up collecting a lot of items.

This isn’t to say I dislike the game. I like the combat game play, I like the quests and I like the world. Some of the leveling ideas are very nice too.

But I wish more games followed free realms and gave us loads of free space/or endless space.


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