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Free realms taking all my time

Posted on: May 8, 2009

I’m spending nearly all my game time on free realms at the moment.

Its great great fun. I was in the beta and enjoyed the time I played during that so happily restarted my character when the game went live. I also signed up as a member so I don’t remember much what you can do as a member or non member.

I’ve maxed out the postman job levels at 20.

I bought a cat for the pet trainer. She now has a collar and jacket bought with game gold.

I bought a cool cool sword for ninja in the cash shop. It has nice stats and made playing the ninja more fun for me.

In the beta I didn’t really notice the world plot or back story. I recently started finding out about that and its really interesting. Take a tour of the fairy musum sometime.

If your a member do the quests in the fairy musuem from the nice changling. Very interesting questline.

I love leveling the adventure job through exploring and collections. I’m only about level 9-10 in that yet.

I bought a top hat for my adventurer in the cash shop. Its cool 😀

There is a vendor that sells clothes for freestyle jobs in the sanctury. One sells only pink clothes, one is a womens clothes vendor and one is for mens clothes. I wish I could dress my girl toon as a guy if I wanted too. Some of the guy clothes loooks cool.

A vendor in seaside sells jewelery

The mining trainer I found very hard to find. I did not realise that click on a piece of ore would give you the quest. The trainer is in a cave in snowhill.

I have a fairy character that I planed to use for the members jobs, so if i stopped paying for member I wouldnt miss them too much. I found archer and wizard on that character. So far they dont seem as fun as the other classed. I think I might have to try them on the main class as I just might not like the secondary character as much.

I love the teleporting system from the map like wizard 101 and guild wars.

I love the job system.

I cant wait for housing in free realms. I find the housing in ROM a bit dull. You cant have many items before you need to starting rent space so i dont use it.  I havent tried the wizard 101 housing yet.


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