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Rank and Reknown

Posted on: March 16, 2009

Rank = Level
Reknown = rep.

Reknown gives lovely gear upgrades. I’m rank 10 and reknown 9 on my blademaster.

Reknown so far has given me a full set of clothes and jewelery when I started out. Then a 1 handed sword, 2 handed sword and shield upgrade. Then more jewelery upgrades!


You get reknown from running around and fighting in scenarios. Which are fun and easy. If you enter a scenario at rank 1 you are increased to rank 8 for the fight (but without the abilities for those ranks).

However some players hang around as much as possible at rank 10 and 11, as they are hard to kill at that point by lower ranks.

If you hit rank 12 in a scenario I hear you become a chicken. But I have not seen this yet.


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